Indoor vs Outdoor

So trending for 2018 is brides opting for an indoor setting, utilizing loft spaces, museums, and large open, airy venues as opposed to the more natural, outdoor setting we saw in 2017.

Though we are moving things indoors this does not mean the "natural esthetic" of 2017 is gone. With potted plants also on trend (hello eco friendly, and adorable party favors) living bars ALSO on trend, it makes it easier than ever to bring the outdoors in turning any venue into an english garden, a whimsical field, or a moss filled forest!

Our thoughts: We are obviously going to be biased when our backdrops are literally constructed from miles and miles of coast line, lakes, fields, mountain name it, Maine has got it!

BUT weddings are a large investment of time and money so the fear of all of that being sabotaged by beloved Mother Nature may not be worth the anxiety for some.

So for that we fully understand why a bride would choose an indoor venue!

The After- After Party

Trend alert and honestly a hugely important one....the LATE NIGHT PARTY!!! (CHEERS ring out)


You did all this work, we say enjoy this day for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!

-Hair, CHECK!

-Makeup, CHECK!

-Gorgeous dress you most likely will only wear once, triple CHECK!!!

Girl, this is YOUR moment! We are so glad that not just us ‘reformed party girls’ agree, but people everywhere are declaring this a thing!

The best part is as the night progresses you always have people fall off the wagon. By the time you get to the after party it’s only the strong that survive.
These are our people.
These are when the best conversations happen, 
the most laughter and silliness, everyone is exhausted yet overjoyed, and maybe a wee tipsy.
And it is also a great time to slow things down and reflect on your beautiful day...or drink it away, either way food will be involved...and WHO DOESN’T LOVE FOOD?!
Plus you have your entire life to sleep. Catch up on the honeymoon with your new babe, while everyone else returns to respectable, responsible, working humans, the following day.

So CHEERS from us “to the cocktail party, the reception, and the AFTER PARTY”

A smaller Wedding Party?


I know.

How do I even answer this? 
How about,
“No matter how big your squad may be, have the people that love YOU most, and that YOU love, the most, standing beside YOU!”

Great examples of these are:

The person that knows how to make you laugh until your belly hurts....
.....but will also let you cry depending on the circumstances.

The girls or girl,that helped hold your hair back at least once!

The girl or guy that encouraged you, and supported you to buy that ring !

The girl and or guy that said “You better say Yes!”

The people that believe in YOU and YOUR spouse, and see that you make each other better human beings.

Those people.

One or one hundred, be sure to surround yourself with love

Travel and Tradition

Let’s talk about Destination Weddings and why they are all the rage!

Well firstly, you get to travel, so that to me is a win/win, but the culture is what’s really selling me on this trend! 
I say engulf yourself in it, obviously! 
Indulge in all the traditions native to the land! The more authentic the better! 
I mean in Figi it is custom that when a man asks for a woman’s hand in marriage, he must present the father of the bride with a whales tooth... 

No big deal right? 

Your man just wrestled a whale to prove his love.

Or in Germany a bride and groom clean up broken glass togther, smashed by guests to ward off evil spirits! Yay for shared house work responsibilities!

The point is that love is universal,  so let’s embrace it!

Can we Ditch the favors?

Wedding Favors..Can we ditch them?

Though wedding favors are a thoughtful way to thank your guests for attending, we doubt most people would miss them...
We only say this because we are LOVING the trend of ditching the favors and investing the money into your guests experience instead!

Touchup Lip Stick Stations, Renting a Photo Booth, or hiring Live Entertainment, are sure fire ways to ensure your guests have an unforgettable time!

Also Food is never, ever, a bad investment!

We all know this, I mean come on, who doesn’t like a good Chicken Satay, or Shrimp Cocktail?

Plus, by placing to go boxes/bags next to the the dessert table you can send your loved ones home with a little sweet treat, and it’s a great way to avoid waste!

Be a Rule Breaker

Keep them Dancing with this “break the rules” Trend!

If you are looking for a way to get, AND keep everyone out on the dance floor, try flipping the Cocktail Hour and Dinner!

This way everyone can eat (hangry is a real thing), and then begin drinking! 
Cocktails will help encourage dancing vs sitting down and succumbing to that full, tired, feeling (total buzz kill) you can't bounce back from.

Plus it is very likely you didn't eat much, so the sooner you can get some food in you the better!

Another tip is have the waitstaff pass hors d’oeuvres and or refreshments right on the dance floor, making sure no ones misses The Cupid Shuffle!

Buy the Pink Dress



It’s hard to put into words the way it made me feel,
and how much it resinated with me when she said it. 
I heard her and knew what it meant, 
but like a flash of light, 
it was gone before we both knew it,
and our attention was drawn back to the blushing bride.

This moment occurred while wedding dress shopping with our good girlfriends a month ago, 
but it certainly stuck in my heart, 
enough to find myself here.

Her words were simple;

“ If I could go back I would have got the Pink Dress...”

Now the other girls hadn't been a part of Caitlin’s wedding five years ago, but I had.

And I knew of the infamous Pink Dress she was speaking about.

It was the dress she fell in love with, 
but ultimately didn't choose, 
because it was Pink.

Caitlin’s final wedding dress selection was an absolute stunner! 
I mean it was Vera Wang, 

But five years later as she helped our dear friend find her own dream dress,
her heart spoke first.

This is not uncommon for Caitlin.

And her advice given, 
in not so many words,
was to find something that
SHE loved, that
SHE felt amazing in. 
Regardless of color or style.
Without regard for anyone else’s opinion of it, 
wear YOUR Dream Dress!

So trend alert: Ignore everyone and wear the Pink Dress.

How it all started.

Wildflower of Maine Events is here.

And if we are fortunate enough to make this day perfect for you, we will releive you of the burden of all tasks. Thus allowing you to remember the way a persons hand felt as you held it, or the way the laughter sounded as it rang out during the best mans toast. If we are fortunate enough, we will get to prove that love does in fact exist, and we get to feel it, see it, and embrace it, all around us. That is our life goal.